Helping Businesses Achieve Higher Search Engine Rankings/Visibility by Building High Quality White Hat Links…

I’m a Freelance SEO Consultant. I only work with small to medium sized businesses where I am in direct touch with the decision maker. This allows me to do my work efficiently and effectively, getting serious results for the businesses I’m working with.

Haven’t Left Yet? Good.

So I only offer ONE thing…

Link Building via Outreach – This is an ongoing monthly strategy that is planned and fulfilled by me. The idea is to build super high quality backlinks to your website from high authority and relevant places which has two prime benefits…

  • People who are interested in what you have to offer (your product/service) will actually click the link and end up buying from you.
  • Securing these types of high quality links (that search engines like Google love) will result in you improving your position in the organic search engine rankings, which will of course result in more people coming to your site that actually want/need what you have to offer.

If this doesn’t make any sense to you, or you don’t even know what a backlink is then simply interpret what I’ve said above as “I will do a bunch of things that will result in people that want/need what you’re selling coming to your website and hopefully buying from you”

Increasing your revenue 1 link at a time!

If you don’t already know then Backlinks are the life and blood of SEO, and that’s exactly why you’re here reading this now.

But, these days it can be REALLY hard to find someone who’s able to build you the right types of links and in the right quantity to the most important pages on your website.

What this means is that a lot of businesses go from working with one SEO consultant / SEO agency to another, over and over again… getting no results in the process. Well, I’m here to put a stop to this silly cycle.

My link building methods are 100% white hat, based on outreach to websites that will find your content interesting. All I do is simply come up with great ideas that people will love, have the content produced to a high standard, build a list of people whose audience will love the content and then put that content in front of them.

It’s simple, but extremely effective and exactly what Google and other search engines want you to do.

What if I Don’t Have Content?

Don’t worry if you don’t have great quality content already. You can either get to to work and start producing high quality content based on the ideas I give you or I can get one of my awesome sub contracted writers to do this for you. The latter option is probably better as I will have total control of the content that is produced and ensure that it’s done to a really high standard.

This is exactly how link building should be done, the right way. Yes, it’s a long process, but it’s a process that will result in your business growing and you not ever having to worry about getting slapped with a penalty because you implemented shady link building tactics that search engines disapprove of. This is just pure content based link building, done as it should be.

If you want to see my exact step by step process on how I do this for every single one of my clients, then click HERE.

Proper SEO done correctly, is A LOT cheaper than hiring overseas cowboys who could harm your business in the long run. 

Of course, this is something that most businesses realise after going through it. Yes, it can be very, very tempting to hire a cheap SEO consultant / agency… after all they are offering the same thing for less money, right? WRONG!

They are building shady links that could harm your website and business in the future. Yes, there are a lot of SEO services out there that look good in theory, lots of links, press releases etc.

And while some of these services won’t do your business any harm, they aren’t going to benefit you either. Think of it like running a race on a treadmill, you’re going to be working really hard, but in the end you’ll still be standing in the same spot!

Hiring a guy like me, with my years of experience and transparent strategies from the beginning is a whole lot cheaper than hiring 5 of these cheap SEO service providers and then hiring me in a couple of years to clean up the mess they’ve done to your site (believe me, this happens A LOT!)

Pick someone whose going to do the right job from the beginning. Yes, they aren’t going to guarantee you results, and they won’t tell you exactly how many links they will be able to build for you each month and they definitely aren’t going to do it for a couple of hundred bucks a month. But you can be sure that over the long term you will get results that will give you a solid ROI!

I know what to do, how it should be done and exactly when it should be done…. after all I’ve been getting sites to the top of Google for the past 9 years.

I show you every step of what I plan to do, what I’ve done so far, and exactly how I plan to do it and more importantly, the results that have been achieved as a result of what I’ve done.

SEO isn’t something you should be worrying about, and that’s why you want to hire someone like me. You have your own business to run and your own work you should be focusing on. When you work with me, you can simply click one link, open a spreadsheet and you’ll see exactly what’s going on right there.

No gimmicks, no jargon, just pure and simple data that shows you the everything that’s happening with regards to the SEO work I’m doing for you.

I’m probably one of the best Freelance SEO Consultants you’ll come across and obviously SEO work done at this level is highly sought after… but even so I make sure that I pick and choose the businesses I work with very carefully, because I only want to work with businesses who share my values in terms of business… TOP QUALITY WORK, FROM START TO FINISH.

So Who’s This For?

This type of link building isn’t for everyone, it can be a considerable expense and results do take some time to see, but if…

  • You’re a small to medium sized business who needs more relevant traffic to their websites.
  • You’ve got enough content to support an outreach campaign. Outreach only works well if you have really great content to attract the right people and the more of it you have the better.
  • You have the money to create or maintain a content and link building strategy.
  • You’re able to make changes very quickly. I get the best results when I can make changes and add content as and when needed. If you give me access to your Analytics and Search Console accounts I can make changes and move the process forward without having to constantly hassle you.
  • You’ve got the courage to try out new ideas and create exceptional content (not always written) for linking purposes.

What You Get…

This is a high quality outreach service for websites, billed monthly. It’s run by a real person who has a ton of experience doing this (9 years to be precise).

You’ll get:

  • Strategy Creation, monthly content ideas providing valuable information that we can approach other sites with to attract both links and direct traffic.
  • Linkable asset development ideas. This is the piece of interesting/useful/cool/funny content that I’ll use to attract links. You have a choice of creating these linkable assets yourself or I can find and manage a supplier if you can’t do this in house.
  • Implementation of strategy. Approaching the people who own target sites to share our asset with them and their audience. This is usually done by email, phone, IM or however else I can hold of them.
  • A live, spreadsheet that is updated in real time with everything that I am doing and the progress of it. See an example HERE.

This is old school SEO, done the right way, with slow and consistent gains, for a steady and long term business!

So… Who’s This Guy?

My name’s Usman Ahmed, I build links mainly, and I do it for some pretty cool people who I’d love to namedrop but won’t.

I am:

  • Hi, it’s me Usman 🙂
    A Transparent Company – All the work I do is going to be in your name, recorded in a single spreadsheet with a number of different tabs, which of course is updated in real time and kept online so you’re going to be able to access it at any time to see exactly what I’ve been up to. And of course if something I’ve been doing isn’t working, then I’ll let you know and we’ll try something else.
  • A Small Company – Everything is done by me, the work is done by me (with the exception of some small specific tasks that are handed over to a few sub contractors), all the questions you have will be answered by me, you’ll be able to speak directly with me… Yup, everything done be ME :).
  • A Patient Company – I’m really proud of the fact that I do things the right way, the way they should be done, in the ethical way. This is marketing and it shouldn’t be rushed. Obviously, I know you need to see a positive ROI (and of course you will), but only if I’m able to do my work in a methodical and perfect way. I’m not going to rush or do things in order to get a “Quick Result”.
  • A Company Focused on Doing Quality Work – I’m extremely obsessed and focused on quality. I believe that everything that I put out on your behalf should be the absolute best version of that anywhere online. If you don’t share this belief, then we’re probably not a good fit. I do high quality work, all the time. Nothing is “half-arsed” here.
  • An Educational Company – I appreciate that you don’t need to know exactly what and how I do things, but I understand that you may want to know the motivations and reasons behind the strategies that I intend to execute, so every Wednesday between 12pm and 4pm, you can give me a call and talk to me about anything… whether you want to discuss your campaign or just general ideas you have, I’m happy to talk… in fact this is probably my favourite part of working with clients. I especially love clients who take a direct interest in what I do 🙂

So How Much Does the Worlds Best White Hat Link Building Service Cost?

I had a feeling you’d ask this… it’s awkward talking money, right?

I do things in a simple, straight forward and completely transparent manner.

I have 2 packages, and you can pick whichever one suits you and your needs.

  1. Package 1: £3,000 / month = 9 links a month
  2. Package 2: £6,000 / month = 20 links a month

There are no silly long term contracts. We work on a month to month basis so you can cancel anytime you like 🙂 Although once you see the incredible results/ROI that come about as a result of the work that I do I’m sure you’ll never want to stop working with me!

My Time is Limited

Of course, since I do all the work myself, and I’m limited to 24 hour days and have other responsibilities like sleeping, eating and socialising… I can’t work with everyone and anyone that wants to work with me.

To ensure I get amazing results for every single one of my clients I’m limited to only working with a max of 5 clients at any one time.

Right now I have two spots left. If you want one of them then let me know by contacting me and I’ll ask you a few questions to see if we’re a right fit for each other and to see if I can get you incredible results.

If any of what I mentioned on this page doesn’t make sense or you want to ask me more questions then please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to see some examples and want a completely transparent look at the step by step process I follow once you become a client then do check out this article!

– Usman Ahmed