Case Study 1: How I Built 50+ Links in a Month

This is a client I’ve been working with for many years now (I began working with them April 2017 to be exact) and am still working with them today 🙂

For this specific client all I did was build top quality white hat links, month after month. They already knew the value of links and just wanted a consistent source of them, month after month to increase organic traffic to their site over time.

You can say this is the dream client… they know what they want (top quality white hat links), they know that I can get them and they just allow me to get on with the work with practically no interference 🙂 → this sort of situation allows me to focus completely on the work at hand and produce results like this where I am able to build 50+ links in a single month.

When I started working with this particular client they were already doing quite well (getting over 300,000 visitors a month according to Ahrefs) as you can see in the picture below…

Well, currently they are getting well over 500,000 visitors a month. (see pic below)…

→ So, thanks to all the links that I’ve built for the client over the last two years, traffic to the site has increased by well over 200,000 visitors a month and it shows no signs of stopping 🙂 ←

I can tell you the client is very happy indeed.

Well, we had our absolute best month in terms of links in March 2019. I built 54 to be exact… to be honest this could easily have been a 100+ link month if the client had allowed me to do guest posts.

I’ll show you exactly what I did, step by step to get all these juicy high quality links…

What you need to get right in order to have a 50+ link month…

When it comes to building this many links in the space of a month, you need to get two things perfect. The first is your content (i.e. linkable asset) that you are trying to build links to needs to be of the absolute best standard…. I’m talking exceptional to the point where it is the best piece on the internet on that particular topic.

The second is you need to come up with a perfect angle, meaning you need to find the people who would be extremely interested in the content piece you are pitching because it adds immense value to their audience. You need to be able to come up with a value proposition where the people you are pitching to feel like they absolutely must link to you because the content piece you are sharing with them is so good.

Getting these two parts of the equation is simple but not easy to execute however when done will result in you being able to build 50+ links in a month…


In terms of content, this client was a superstar.

His site was full and I mean full of super in depth guides on all sorts of topics that frankly I was spoiled for choice. This is opposite to most clients I work with who usually have zero exceptional  content or no content at all.

So, being in this situation where there were many content pieces I could use to build links, I decided to do some research to see where the biggest opportunities lay.

I was digging, and digging and boom I came across an absolutely perfect angle for one particular piece of content.

The content piece was really valuable for this particular niche and on top of that there were a TON of relevant resource pages that I could pitch to.


Once I had confirmed that there were a ton of resource pages and that the content piece was a good fit for the prospects that I wanted to reach out to I got to work to finding those prospects.

One of the methods I use to find prospects, is a very simple process I have which involves using a google sheet document that contains thousands of google search operators.

All I do is enter keywords related to the content piece that I am trying to build links to and out comes a list of thousands of different search operators that I put into Google to find relevant prospects to whom I can then pitch our content piece too.

Of course, this sounds a lot easier than it is… the reality is that (more often than not) I have to comb through thousands and thousands of search results to find the most relevant pages to whom it would make sense to pitch our content piece. There is absolutely no point in pitching to a prospect if our content piece doesn’t add value to their audience because this is just spammy and more importantly than that we are just going to be wasting our time because we won’t get the link.


Once I had gathered a large list of relevant prospects that would find my content piece interesting (hopefully interesting enough to link to it), I then moved onto the next stage which is of course contacting all the prospects and pitching them my guide.

Now, this stage isn’t as simple as just saying hi, please link to my content piece. Rather, you have to take the time to really think of writing the email in a way where the prospect can see exactly how valuable the content piece is to them and their audience… and after reading the email they should want to link to it right away.

I don’t write a custom email for each prospect that I contact because that would be a huge waste of time and resources and frankly it’s just not needed.

Rather, I create a new email template for each campaign and then for each prospect that I contact I customise it as appropriate to engage the prospect and hopefully persuade them to link to our linkable asset.

For this particular campaign, I contacted a few hundred prospects and it resulted in a beautiful 54 links coming through 🙂

These are some of the responses we got as a result of our outreach campaign…

Pretty satisfying when you get 50+ of these sorts of responses in a single month 🙂

Hopefully this gives you some sort of insight into what goes behind achieving a 50+ link month.

If you’d like to talk about working together and building links to help drive more organic traffic to your site then please do get in touch via my contact page.